Friday, March 3, 2017

Building for Generations

 A recent blog post from @mattarend, Principal of Sigler Elementary in my District (Plano ISD) really sparked some thoughts about this profession we're in.  Below is a quote from a S'more he recently sent to his staff:

Protect This House - #IWill

Our theme at Sigler Elementary this year is "Protect This House".

If you were to look up the word "house" in the dictionary, it is defined as: a building for human habitation, especially one that is lived in by a family or small group of people.  Sigler Elementary is our building and you are a part of our family. Just as you take precautions to protect your home, this year we ask students, staff and families to do their part to "Protect This House". In order to successfully "Protect This House" each of us needs to know our role and agree to successfully fulfill that role, daily. Anything short is letting our students down. We do not have time for that. In order to ensure we all do our part to "Protect This House" we will use the hashtag #IWill as our rally cry and statement to empower and communicate exactly what each of us will be doing to ensure the success of our "house" this year and more importantly the success of the small group of people that live in our house...OUR STUDENTS.  #IWill

I shared with Matt that in Biblical terms a house referred to a lineage of a people group - their legacy, such as the house of David.  It is a long line from which Jesus Himself descended.  It is so clear to me that we're not just reaching a random child here and there throughout the years.  We are building for the generations.  We are building a house made up of children who will grow up to lead, inspire, heal, innovate, plant, grow, and build - and the pattern will continue down through the years.  Just thinking today on the day before Spring Break begins, what an honor to be part of the construction of the future.  

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